The Muama Ryoko Wireless Wifi Router – It’s Fast!!!

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This one is sure to please, I only hear great things about it, especially the speed. However, like any other product, there are so many to choose from, wisdom says view as many as possible so that you will make an informed decision. This is a router that has a 4G LTE connection and comes already broken with a Free SIM card automatically pre-installed.
Muama ryoko

Allow me to introduce The Muama Ryoko Wireless Wifi Router, your personal pocket sized internet modem. It is the safe and secure way to take care of your important business, travel the world and take that well-deserved vacation! You’ll be happy you have it in your possession.

What Makes The Muama Ryoko So Special

As with all portable wifi routers, its very convenient to have your own personal secure internet whenever you desire. With it, you’ll only need one account that will give you all the power needed while you’re away from your home and office, or even if you plan to use it to replace your home DSL. Continue working when you take that trip to the park or zoo with the little ones, that’s no problem either, this is the perfect setup and it’s built for moving around.

Grab your laptop, tablet, cell phone and even the children s tablets and off you go. This wireless wifi router can power them all and a few other devices for your families and friends. The truth is, you can power up to 10 devices at once, and never lose that high speed internet connection that the Muama Ryoko affords. Sit back, relax and enjoy the latest HD movies – this belongs to you. Have fun with your new portable modem. People with Phones

With this, you’ll no longer need to pay for separate accounts, one SIM card can run all your wifi electronics; that is monumental. Simply add data to the pre-installed SIM card, that is if the provider isn’t running a special at the time of purchase and happen to add free data with your purchase. Throw the tiny wireless wifi router that fits in the palm of your hand in your purse or pocket, power it on, and you’re surfing the net just like that, business as usual!

It’s fast, with 4G LTE it reaches up to 150Mbps technology without interruption – downloading your files in seconds. Battery power won’t be a problem either, you should have an estimated 8 to 10 hours life, and some customer reviews report their batteries lasting up to 15 hours. They probably don’t indulge in those HD movies though, just saying!

Can It Really Be Used Everywhere

This device is said to work in 38 countries without having to change the SIM card as long as you keep it loaded with data. When I studied the providers’ website, it has a map that shows the device covering 139 countries. If you’re lucky enough to do such extensive travel they suggest that you change the SIM card locally as you change countries upon your destination, unless you’re in one of the 38 countries mentioned above.

Where Can I Purchase This RouterFree Shipping

The companies that sell this item are foreign and has tons of information available for you further explaining the product on its FAQ page. There are lots of sale campaigns constantly going on, so always check for the latest discounts. To give you an idea of what’s being offered if you were to purchase right now, one of these units sell for 89 euros or $106.37 dollars.

If you need more that one, there’s a great package you can take advantage of where you can purchase three units and get two more free. That deal is presently selling for 265 euros or $316.71 dollars, and that’s not the extent of it, it gets better. The more wifi router devices you purchase the more money you’ll save. The accepted payments methods are Klarna, PayPal; these offer buy now and pay later plans and quite often with a 6 months same as cash .  MasterCard and Visa credit cards is another form of payment that is accepted..

What Guarantees Do I Have

Connecting your device is a breeze, some providers’ will offer free data when you make your purchase, but ask questions going in. If this is the choice you’re making, order it so that it can arrive early giving you the opportunity to test it. Ensure this is the perfect fit for you before traveling. The normal time it takes to process an order is 1 to 2 days, and depending on where you live, it can take anywhere from 8 to 30 days to actually receive your new router.

Being a prepaid product, you won’t have to sign long term contracts and there are no hidden fees. It comes with a 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee but that being said, always read the fine print and know what you’re agreeing to.

Problems With Your Device

The Muama is manufactured to last and serve you for many years to come. The standard warranty guarantee is 2 years for defective factory parts repaired or replaced starting from the date of delivery. The manufacturers warranty will only cover problems you encounter with the device that is a factory defect. Any physical damage done after you receive it, or if it has been used inappropriately will of course not be covered. An extended warranty is offered at the time of purchase; the same guidelines as the standard warranty apply.100%

If there is a problem with your device, there is 30-day money back guarantee. The best way to report it is by using the contact button on the website. Once there, choose the “warranty and repair” option and give a description of the problem you’re having. The company customer support team will get back to you in a very timely manner.


This is a very popular device and widely used by many travelers in many countries. Do your homework and stay on top of the purchasing process! The 4G LTE connection is really fast and works in even remote locations but always confirm that with your carrier. NOTE: there are some areas like undeveloped locations or vast mountainous terrains that can affect the operation of this and any electronic device, ask questions.

Once your purchase is finalized, email communication between you and the seller will begin, and continue as long as you need them. When you require more data, you can conveniently go online and add it. This is reported to be one of the easiest devices to use because it comes packaged for immediate use. Ensure its charged, turn it on and start using your new wifi device, enjoy!

8 thoughts on “The Muama Ryoko Wireless Wifi Router – It’s Fast!!!”

  1. I really like that it can be used everywhere. Having 38 countries without having to change the SIM card is awesome!

    Also being able to rely on a warranty guarantee of 2 years for defective factory parts is something I haven’t seen in other wifi routers and want to commend them for it.

    1. Hi Ann, you point out some very important perks about this device! It’s really picking up now that the world of travel is opening back up.  Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment.

  2. Impressive “The Muama Ryoko Wireless Wifi Router” will be a candy for everyone!
    Fast new technology and device covering 139 countries. On top of it, you can bring anywhere you go
    There are no hidden fees but you still paying monthly with your carrier is that right?
    Even if it is, my opinion still very good for you can travel around with this Muama Ryoko Wireless Wifi Router A+ for this new device and I will certainly will give it a try myself for sure!

    1. Hello Jocelyn, I so apologize for the delay in answering you! I love the phrase “will be candy for everyone”, that is exactly correct. To answer your question, once you purchase the device, you’ll pay for your prepaid data card, it is completely independent of fees and roaming charges. To get an idea of the cost for these prepaid cards, read the example I give inside the following article.

      This article speaks of global travel, national prices will differ. Hope this answers your question, thanks for your comment!

  3. Hi Denise, It is amazing the modern conveniences that are coming out each day. To be able to travel and take our own WiFi along is fantastic. It makes traveling easier all the time. There are even some small towns around here with poor Wifi. I am wondering if tie Router would help with giving better connection.

    1. Hi Carolyn, the answer to your question is YES! A lot of people are ditching the expensive wifi connections and starting to go with the portable wifi only. I’m doing a cost comparison and considering doing the same. Thanks for the comment, enjoy your day.

  4. Thank you so much for the amazing post!  I really like this Wireless Wifi Router!  It seems to be one of the best in the industry.  The fact that it can run several devices at once, without the need of extra sim cards, is simply amazing in my mind.  I will be going to the Philippines a  lot, and I wonder if that is one of the 38 countries it can be used in?

    1. Hello Jessie, yes this shows to be an amazing product and the answer to your question for the Philippines is Yes!  Travel is opening back up so this is an exciting time, enjoy! 

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